Burak Kiroglu, general manager of Beko Balkans: Beko is the fastest growing brand of white goods in Serbia, but also in Europe


The coronavirus pandemic has surprised the whole world, and the changes it brought will remain with us regardless of its duration. Although the vaccination process takes a huge number of people, they ate still working from home and going to the cinema, theater, concerts, gyms have been replaced by home activities, actually their homes became offices, gyms, cinemas. Burak Kiroglu, general manager of Beko Balkans said, “Beko has introduced a new line of HygieneShield products to the market, designed to already have disinfection programs built in to make the transition to the new normal safe and carefree for the modern consumer.”

Beko is international home appliance brand that operates within the “Arcelik” group and has existed for more than 60 years, and is the leading European brand in the field of white goods. The company’s headquarters for the Balkans have been located in Serbia since 2015, and until today, thanks primarily to its innovative technology and listening to market needs, the company’s market share has increased from the initial 8% to 20% in 2020. “This growth speaks in favor of the fact that Beko is the fastest growing brand of white goods in Serbia, but also in Europe, and justifies its leadership position on a daily basis with global initiatives and involvement in locally relevant campaigns dedicated to improving health and promoting healthy lifestyles. Beko is also conducting relevant studies in order to better understand the needs of consumers and create innovative solutions in the field of white goods, thus staying the ally one can rely on any time”, added Mr. Kiroglu.

Beko Study: Gfk research showed that more than 70% od respondents stopped going to the office

An extensive study conducted for Beko by the marketing agency Gfk across 31 markets last year, showed the impact of the pandemic on people’s everyday life – as many as 70% of respondents stopped going to the office and organized their workplace, including all accompanying activities, within their home, while 83% of them have changed their shopping habits. World trends that show that people, after the initial surprise, turned to arranging their living space and raising the level of hygiene, have not bypassed Serbia either, and the same tendency is noticeable among Serbian consumers. People want to cook, clean and exercise at home, and generally live healthier, and to use professional devices for that purpose, with which they will achieve the best effects.

Burak Kiroglu: HygieneShield as innovative technology on the market

“Last year, challenging in many ways, we managed to justify the trust of our consumers and maintain growth of over 10% as well. In addition, we conducted a series of studies and based on these insights developed a pioneering technology and provided our users with hygienic protection, which became imperative during the pandemic. People have turned to their homes and in there practice activities that used to be mostly related to the outside world. That is why Beko sought inspiration in nature and applied its solutions to its products, so that the everyday activities of consumers exude safety, while top quality remains unchanged, “said Burak Kiroglu, general manager of Beko Balkans.

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By recognizing the needs of its customers and using innovative technology of proven quality, Beko has developed HygieneShield, the first line of products that includes disinfection programs, which work on the principle of heat, thermal steam and UV rays. Inspired by the healing properties of the nature, the devices remove more than 99% of bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus, providing users with the effects of professional hygiene maintenance at home, while also using appliances of the most modern design and functionality. This series contains seven lines of white goods, and also include refrigerators, ovens, washing machines and dryers.

Beko continues to set trends in the field of technology for white goods and according to the needs of its customers, as well as by providing solutions that make the everyday living environment in the new normal, but also in the period after it, pleasant, comfortable and healthy.






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