Denmark’s minister: EU Commission has “a lot to learn” from vaccine rollout

The European Commission has a “lot to learn” from its Covid-19 vaccine rollout, Denmark’s Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod told CNN’s Becky Anderson in an interview on Thursday.

“I think there’s a lot to learn from the process that also the European Union has to learn, the Commission that has been responsible for negotiating contracts on behalf of member states and the whole setup around the pandemic,” Kofod said.

Asked about the criticism the EU has faced on its vaccine rollout, Kofod said:

“I think we all are desperate to get the vaccine. Now we are ready. In the case of Denmark, we can vaccinate 100,000 people a day if we have the vaccine arrive into the country.”

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Kofod agreed that the rollout “has not been a full success.”

The foreign minister pointed out that it’s not a shortage of vaccines that has been a problem but the delay in arrivals.

“We are all desperate to get our population vaccinated sooner than later,” Kofod said.



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